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VM Travel Adventures – Hiking, Yoga, Safari, Trekking in Morocco, South Africa, Italy, Patagonia !

Living in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia represents a spirit of adventure for Natascha and Corinne. We are always excited to help design a vacation with your adventure destinations in mind! Our helpful local friends in the countries we visit can seek out the most remote and exquisite locales for us and our guests. Do you have an exciting destination in mind??

AMALFI COAST – ITALY If you are passionate about hiking to beautiful vistas, why not view the Mediterranean from the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast of Italy? Follow the ancient paths through the terraced vineyards and lemon groves up to the clifftop village of Ravello, then down to the black pebble beaches of Amalfi! Take a private boat trip around the Isle of Capri before indulging in the ritz and glamour of this famous island. Duck under the rocky cave into the Blue Grotto to see the rich blue colour of the water, lit from underneath. Hike on the Sentiero di 4 Fortini and follow the trail of the ancient protectors of the island. And all the while partaking in fresh pasta and buffalo mozzarella cheese accompanied by unique Taurasi and Greco di Tufo wines of Campania.

CINQUE TERRE –ITALY Cinque Terre in Italy offers a different cliffside experience with train, boat or footpaths tying these five quaint and unique colourful fishing villages together. Take advantage of the three modes of transport in one UNESCO site and relish the view from the top… and the base of the cliffs! Don’t forget the Italian cuisine, as these lands are the home of pesto!


TREKKING IN MOROCCO The Atlas Mountains of Morocco are majestic in the blur of the warm desert. Achieving the summits of the Tizin Tishka pass or Toubkal mountain will take you into the desert oases away from the touristic side of Morocco. Drink in the welcome Draa valley with it’s date palms and villages built along the banks of the river where the authentic Berber culture thrives. Stop to study the old Koran scripts and visit the Kasbahs of the Paschas of the past. Embark on a dromedary excursion in the desert to take you back a thousand years to a simple life while to enjoying the earth`s varied and beautiful landscape. Spend a night in a comfortable tent while you absorb the rhythmic Berber drumming echoes throughout the bivouac.



PATAGONIA - ARGENTINA & CHILE Viewing the glaciers of Patagonia reminds you that we are small. The ever falling blue ice on the terminal face of Perito Moreno thunders as you enjoy a traditional cocktail, chilled with glacial ice. When visiting the delicate tip of South America, comfortable and spacious Eco Camp Lodges have been built for the environmentally conscious adventurer, not far away from Torres del Paine National Park.


CHILE’S ATACAMA DESERT Imagine watching the sun crest the volcanic horizon to hear the thermal waters of the Tatio Geysers start to bubble and boil. Not far down from these thermal flats are the Termas de Puritama, a canyon of shallow pools lined with fox tail like a bushy forest. This is the place to swim, in the clear warm water and the perfectly created custom decks maintained by the park. The Incas had one of the most majestic homes in Northern Chile’s Atacama, the Altiplano having many ruins from this ancient civilization, where the vicuñas roam to this day…

IGUAZU FALLS – ARGENTINA Iguazu Falls offer up more adventure tourism with hiking, jungle safaris and ecocamp lodgings. One can feel the pounding of the water while walking along the boardwalks with dizzying views! The Gran Aventura tour takes you under the falls and down the river at the corners of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, where these three cultures meet.

TANGO ARGENTINA Buenos Aires, the Paris of South America is known for the Tango! Corinne`s passion for this dance keeps her returning every November and invites any dance enthusiasts to join her on dance floor of the famous milonga halls of Buenos Aires – high heel shoes, a must! November is also Polo season and Corinne can easily introduce you to polo pony rancher Pato for some lessons in `stick and ball`. High heels changed out for riding boots, now that is quite the transition! Spend a day or two at an Estancia in the Pampas of Argentina. Add photo?

YOGA & WINE Yoga and Wine Vacations were thought up when Natascha was curious about a wine component combined with a yoga retreat. Many thought that we were silly to mix such ‘different’ activities but we have found that they actually go very well together…! Morning classes awaken and stretch the body, then and after a day of exploring and eating and well, wining… yin yoga at sunset is a welcome respite! With personal instruction and open-air classes, these holidays have proveD to be very, very good for the soul!